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What does Ty bring to the table?

Ty prides himself on being a qualified Graphic Designer. However, along with having skills with print and web design, he is adequately fluent in the production of live events, creating and animating motion graphics and being able to cut videos into a comprehensive timeline. Ty has also had experience in directing live video productions and live editing in a linear matter. He is also capable of shooting quality photos and videos, his Instagram is a prime example of this. Aside from mediums he uses regulary, Ty is also known as being the ‘big picture’ guy and is constantly risk assessing the situation to make others aware of current problems before they become large incidents.

Ty is literally the worst hipster I have ever met

Sam Stejskal / MLS Soccer


EDGE – Landing Page

Salt Lake Stallions – HTML5 Ads

Rekindle – UI/UX

Broadway Media (x96) – UI Design

2014 Playoff Graphics – Marketing Campaign

Micro Focus Trail Downloads – UI Design

40 Years of Micro Focus – Print Design

Auric Solar Launch – Motion Graphics

50 West – Identity and Brand Managment

Aloe Blacc – Print Layout

Joe Firearms Catalog – Print Layout

Jeff Cassar Bobble Head – Package Design

Player Cards – Graphic Design

Real Monarchs – Identity and Brand Managment

Where Music Goes To Breathe – Marketing Campaign

10th Anniversary Scarves – Marketing Campaign

Sailor Soap – Package Design

Tonights Game – Motion Graphics


Notable & Pleased Clients

So who is Ty?

Ty Cummins was born and raised in Sandy, Utah where he attended Alta High School. He started his endeavor into Graphic Design in high school creating posters and t-shirts for his local church and a youth camp in Colorado. Ty would later attend the Art Institute of Salt Lake City where he graduated June of 2013 with his Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design. Since then he has been taking the marketing and entertainment industry by storm. Ty likes entertaining his free time with sports, gaming and being in the outdoors. When he’s not glued to a computer screen you can find him yelling at Real Salt Lake, climbing down into a canyon, or stuffing his face with entirely too many carbs.

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How do I contact Ty?

Snapchat mostly, but Ty would prefer to keep these types of relationships professional. Below are his email address and phone number, as well as a handy contact form that will beam your message straight to him. #ThanksScotty

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Salt Lake City, UT

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